Monday, 6 March 2017

Sharing of Gold Winners Recognition Tour to Indonesia

Thanks to the nomination from my company/HKT, it has been an exciting moment to me when I first realized receiving a valuable opportunity for joining the Jakarta Study Tour in December 2016. Definitely I perceive this amazing journey as a precious moment for me to enrich my exposures understanding the daily operation of the local call centers in addition to the mutual sharings among various awarded winners in the telecommunication industry throughout the journey.

According to the planned itinerary, we are pleased to have chances visiting various types of call centers including but not limited to the Inland Revenue Department, public and private banking. Based on in-depth observations, it is interesting to find out that these call centers are inclined to provide a friendly work environment to cope with employees’ needs and local custom such as establishing private rooms for praying and allowing bare-feet in the workplace. Staff are also found to be exceptionally talented and connected which can be observed from their warm and sincere greetings sweetening every visiting guest.

What impressed me most is undoubtedly the comprehensive approach towards talent acquisition adopted by the Inland Revenue Department. Polices, guidelines and standard related to recruitment, learning and development as well as quality assurance are all well developed to cope with sustainable corporate development. Some private banks like HaloBCA (Bank Central Asia) indeed fascinated me a lot because of their unlimited support leading to the all-rounded development of their employees, in which professional coaching support and the latest simulation exercise are highlighted. Through casual chit-chat with the local call center staff, we all agree that staff retention issue and motives for cross-selling are some common challenges faced by call centers across the globe.   

In essence, it has been my pleasure meeting talents and professionals in the industry locally and regionally. Not only did we share a lot of valuable insights on work, but also mutual learnings and inspirations on life goals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank HKCCA and ICCA for creating such amazing itinerary, and feel blessed for the love and care from Rayland, Andy, Muby and other participants throughout the trip. All the best everyone!

HKT Limited (Consumer Group)
Training & Development
Ginni Wu CY

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