Wednesday, 1 March 2017

2106 HKCCA Awards Gold Winners go places tour to Indonesia

I am very pleasant that I could participate in this trip. I knew that gold winners of the competition would have the opportunity to join an exchange trip to Jakarta so I set it as my goal. Finally after being sincerely assessed, I was given the gold award in outbound representative category. I represented BOCHK to join the exchange trip. This is a great achievement for me as I have learnt a lot from this tour by visiting different call centres in Indonesia and communicating with different professions in the same industry. 
Firstly, I discover that a good foundation in multimedia communication and service has been built in call centres in Indonesia. My horizon is definitely widened. Secondly, I totally feel their passion in work. They always emphasise 'Happy employee, happy customer' and this reminds me as an employer, we have to be happy to make things better.
In a conclusion, it is a very precious chance for me to join this tour. I sincerely wish that every one of us should grab these precious opportunities and strive our best to become winners in the competition. So that we can share experiences with different professions from other countries.
Bank of China (Hong Kong)
Marco Lo

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